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Platinum Marketing Global urge businesses to turn interns into brand ambassadors.

Press Release   •   Apr 11, 2018 15:38 BST

Platinum Marketing Global, the Jacksonville based sales and marketing experts are eager to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with their first glimpse of the industry. The firm is passionate about creating opportunities for young professionals who are anxious to delve into the world of business.

Platinum Marketing Global: About the firm.

Platinum Marketing Global has conducted their own research into workplace internships, finding that the majority of companies do not offer interns a permanent position after the conclusion of their work experience. As such, the firm has released a statement on why they believe interns, fresh graduates and young professionals provide considerable benefits to companies.

In preparation for graduation season, Platinum Marketing Global has released a statement on the aspects they believe aspiring entrepreneurs can offer to startup businesses in the hopes that other companies will open the door to fresh business minds.

Generating a college-business collaboration can help firms to appeal to younger generations by having a brand ambassador within the college campus. Initiating this relationship can encourage a steady flow of like-minded student interns year after year.

Interns and fresh graduates can provide excellent insights into a project that may have been previously looked over. Bringing new individuals into the mix can give a fresh insight into brainstorming sessions, and campaign development states Platinum Marketing Global. Amongst their demographic, young professionals will be able to provide knowledge on consumer trends and student perceptions.

Platinum Marketing Global understands that it is no surprise these young professionals understand the world of technology, having been reared alongside considerable developments in smartphone technology, AI and virtual reality. The younger generations that are ready to enter the job market will provide valuable ideas on how to implement developing technologies into countless industries.

Platinum Marketing Global are eager to encourage other firms to begin their recruitment for fresh brand ambassadors with graduates and interns, detailing how they can be coached with specific business training, provide new perspectives and dive into the industry with an unrivaled eagerness. A spokesperson for the firm states “These young professionals are invaluable, not only will they provide endless benefits to companies, but providing a service by giving them their first experience of the industry can never be undervalued.”

Should you wish to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector, Platinum Marketing Global are continually seeking hardworking and dynamic individuals that can bring something new to the Platinum family. Should you feel you fit this mold, the firm can be contacted on



Managing Director: Patrick Anilus

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