Business Poker

Poker Strategies Deal Business Owners Success

Press release   •   Mar 06, 2015 12:36 GMT

Combining the things we love with the things we are good at is every business persons dream and Brentwood based Peter Sheridan has achieved just that with his new enterprise Business Poker.

“I like playing poker, I love being a poker dealer and I have enjoyed a successful business career. Via my new company Business Poker I can share successful poker strategies with other business owners to assist in their business success,” says Sheridan.

Business Poker harnesses the similarities between business and poker including risk taking; assessing your competitors; decision making with limited information and provides a variety of training packages all of which include the playing of poker. Training modules include learning how to read body language; how to deal with failure (and success) plus strategies to remove unintentional gender inequality from within the workplace.

“The game of poker and the art of playing poker well include so many lessons to help business people succeed and by concluding our interactive training sessions with an actual poker tournament my clients are able to immediately put the lessons they have learnt into play,” explains 50 year old Sheridan from The Galleries, Brentwood.

Peter Sheridan has over 28 years’ business experience working in banking and running his own interior design and retail company. Peter is also a trained and highly experienced poker dealer having dealt poker not only in casinos and poker clubs but also on TV. He now brings both of these skills together to help individuals and businesses achieve success through unique training and coaching programmes.

Business Poker - Body Language Skills from the Poker Expert

Poker players are renowned for being able to bluff and tell when other people are bluffing. These skills are honed from many hours at the poker tables. However this is not just useful when playing poker but in your business and personal life as well. Being more sensitive to people’s reaction can improve your business’s bottom line, your working relationships and management skills. The Business Poker Body Language programme is designed to be informative, interactive and entertaining. Peter Sheridan, poker player, businessman and executive coach will use video, live demonstrations and a real poker tournament to demonstrate the power of body language.