Post A-levels – Professional Qualifications can open more doors than University Education

Press Release   •   Aug 16, 2012 13:20 BST

Today, thousands of hopes will be dashed as UK A-Level results are published and longed for University places are withdrawn. While this can be a disappointing setback for many, comfort should be taken in the fact that a University Education is by no means the only route to personal development and career success. Professional Qualifications are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many individuals looking for career progression. lists almost 6,000 training courses covering all aspects of Professional Development. Many courses provide candidates with desirable skills, knowledge and even practical experience that can often surpass a University degree in terms of improving employability and job prospects.

Fredrik Högemark, CEO of Media Group explains, “Candidates that can demonstrate attainment of a practical qualification in a field related to the role they are applying for are almost always more likely to be selected than those who have a degree. Practical, professional qualifications such as BTECs and NVQs equip individuals not only with learning specifically related to the workplace but also with so called “soft skills” that make them more employable. A good grasp of communication, teamwork, the ability to solve problems, use initiative and demonstrate enterprise are all highly valued and desirable for a positive and productive workplace.” lists hundreds of introductory accredited courses that are appropriate for individuals looking to prepare themselves for a successful career launch in almost any industry. BTECs, NVQs and diplomas help candidates develop skills for a career in any number of fields, including IT, Health and Social Care, the Media, Business, Fashion, Event Management and even Wedding Planning. Many offer work experience options as part of their programs and continuing career support even after course completion.

The benefits of a professional qualification are not just limited to employability. With most bachelors degrees now costing £27,000 and average student debt set to hit £53,000 in 2012 (, Aug 2012), a part-time diploma course typically costing around £1,000 a year becomes a very affordable option ( lists a variety of distance learning courses that provide students with the flexibility to study whilst also gaining practical experience and a steady income in full time employment, not to mention the value of three years actively spent on the job ladder that would otherwise be spent in the classroom.

Users of can view detailed information about all these courses including content, price, length of study, and compare a selection of courses appropriate to personalised learning objectives. Users can also view information related to the exact qualifications attained by completing a course and the preparation a course may provide for further study or career development. Course reviews and discussions with other similar individuals in the forum can also provide useful advice and guidance.

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