PowaSava Throws Down The Voltage Optimisation Gauntlet With New Range on Show At Energy Solutions Expo

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2010 10:24 BST

New-generation of intelligent power management solutions debuts

London, 6th October 2010.  A new range of intelligent, dynamic voltage optimisation and power management solutions are set to challenge the conventional approach to voltage optimisation when they are unveiled by PowaSava at Energy Solutions Expo today (Olympia, London, 6-7 Oct, 2010).


Fifteen years of manufacturing experience has been invested in the technology behind the new PowaSava range, which takes a bold step away from the traditional design approach, in order to deliver significant reductions in electrical energy consumption and lower carbon emissions for companies and organisations across all sectors.


Live demonstrations on the PowaSava stand - E11 (Grand Hall) - will illustrate how, by controlling output voltage rather than using conventional step-down methodology, a much greater level of stability can be achieved. In addition, PowaSava products incorporate both manual and automated safety by-pass systems as standard. Customers can be reassured that sites are protected against the damaging, and potentially costly effects of power surges and spikes.


Tim Pople, Director at PowaSava, said: “We know that people understand the concept of voltage optimisation, what we will be doing at Energy Solutions Expo is showing that our solution delivers effective and beneficial results in terms of savings and in doing so also provides impressive stabilisation and safety benefits.”


PowaSava comprises two key products both built upon the same intelligent base technology.

The first is the PropSava, a power optimiser which comprises two system types, a contactless voltage regulator and an Electro-Servo voltage regulator. The PropSava, which manages the entire incoming power is sited adjacent to the mains incoming supply. It has the unique capability to step voltage up as well as down and maintains a consistent and stable output voltage, the benefits of which include:

  • Significant reductions in kwh usage and thus energy costs
  • An increase in the lifecycle of electrical equipment by up to 25% and reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction in CO² emissions
  • Protection from transient spikes and surges

The PropSava optimises voltage for both single and three phase products, and unlike other solutions will react to voltage peaks and dips, maximising savings, and reducing the risk of downtime or equipment failure.


The second solution is the LiteSava, a power optimiser specifically designed for all lighting systems, and the world’s first fully programmable and digitally controlled lighting specific power optimiser.


Sitting between the distribution board and the switching system, the LiteSava uses the same computer technology to sample and measure the incoming voltage and in doing so, controls the transformers to maintain the output voltage, regulating it to the requirements of the lighting system. Tests have proved that LiteSava can reduce energy costs by up to 40% depending upon the lighting type.


Mike Ford, fellow director at PowaSava, said: “Technical expertise and many years of research have gone into the development of the PowaSava products and we have no doubts that our range will be the single, most effective solution for cutting an organisation’s energy costs by reducing electricity consumption. It is a well known fact that 90% of buildings are using more energy than they need with a mains voltage delivery averaging 242v, which means the electrical equipment suffers from voltage overfeed.”


“There is a great deal of focus right now on green technology, which is even further highlighted for organisations that are affected by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme,” added Tim Pople. “The PowaSava solution is ideal for reducing energy consumption and has noticeable and measurable results.


Further information about the PowaSava range is at www.powasava.co.uk


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