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Power Like None Other On The Blackberry Playbook And Motorola Xoom

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 15:21 GMT

When tablet PCs rolled out of the market, they opened our eyes to a number of possibilities. They offered portability and functionality that we never thought possible. Popular tablets are the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. They were slim, easy to carry, and absolutely fun to use. However, with the advancements of technology, we needed tablets that came with more power. This is exactly what the Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom have to offer.

What makes the two later tablets so different? They both come with 1 GHz dual-core processors as opposed to the single-core processors of the first two. However, what is the difference between the two types of processors? There is a large difference. Here, you will find out what makes the dual better.

With a traditional processor, tasks are executed every time you run things like apps and OS applications. You will experience fast processing if ever you run a single application. However, if you start to run multiple applications, you will notice a decrease in performance. Single-cores will have to prioritize on the most demanding applications. This will result in a decrease in performance.

With dual-cores, the story is different. The bulk of the tasks are not solely handled by just one core. There are to two cores that handle the load. This means that you can run an assortment of tasks and there will be no decrease in speed and performance.

With the Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom, you can run a number of complex tasks and not worry about the system freezing or leaving you hanging. You can run various apps, play 3D games, open tabbed browsers, run the media player, and even host a video conference. Running all of these applications will never compromise the performance of the tablet PCs.

If you are looking for tablets that come with power like none other, these two devices are the most ideal. They have the ability to run a multitude of complex tasks and not leave you in disappointment. Prepare to enjoy blinding speed and power. This is dual-core prowess on the Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom.

The Blackberry Playbook and the Motorola Xoom are two tablets that are equipped with dual-core processors.

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