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Powerful documentary about the "perfect" child

Press release   •   Mar 14, 2012 09:52 GMT

Stella and Ossian are the main characters in the film "The Perfect Child". The scene shows them taking part in 7th birthday celebrations. Photo: Carl Rasmussen.

In the autumn of 2009, film maker Mia Wright and journalist Kristina Ahlinder were awarded The Church of Sweden's Culture Stipendium for their film about living with children with Down's syndrome. The film "The Perfect Child" will be shown on on Thursday 15th March on SVT2 at 8 pm.

The documentary "The Perfect Child" is about the experience that two women, Mia Wright and Kristina Ahlinder, each had after giving birth to a baby with Down's syndrome in the same week in June 2004.

The film raises questions about human dignity, parenthood and what constitutes a good life. It follows Mia, Kristina and their families from the time their children, Ossian and Stella, are born until they begin school.

"The Perfect Child" is a documentary about coping with the unexpected; about what determines the worth of a human being, and what is the "perfect" child. It shows the zest for life and the strong and positive attitudes held by a group of children with functional impairment, and it is a powerful   personal account of being a mum to a child who is at times an outcast.

The film is a coproduction between SVT, Film i Väst and VisionTree, with the support of the Church of Sweden and the Swedish Film Institute. The trailer and more information on the film is available on Contact: Mia Wright, tel. +46 (0)705 97 14 48.

The Church of Sweden's Culture Stipendium for 2012 is open for applications as of Thursday 15th March. Contact: The Church of Sweden's cultural administrator, Mikael Larsson: Tel. +46(0)730-23 32 74. Find out here how to apply.