PRAISE FOR LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA ENTREPRENEUR, ALISTAIR GLEAVE. GleaveMedia Help Exeter Business, Supporting Green Issues, Raise Their Online Profile.

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 11:47 GMT

GleaveMedia is an experienced, Exeter based, new media agency specialising in digital marketing, social media and web 2.0. GleaveMedia's owner, Alistair Gleave, is passionate about managing his client’s digital presence, creating targeted campaigns that open new communication channels with customers and delivers a service which generates results. Businesses looking to dramatically improve their online presence need look no further than Alistair, who is a seasoned web professional, with over ten years of experience in the internet industry. GleaveMedia's comprehensive services, focus upon increasing their client’s visibility online, whether building a website, integrating social media or giving clients, jargon-free, no-nonsense guides and training. Alistair believes by doing this, it will enable the biggest technophobe to successfully manage their own, online presence, in our increasingly digitised world. 

Alistair is an enthusiastic supporter of renewable energies and is committed to a greener, brighter future. GleaveMedia are pleased to announce in the past months they have been working with local, Green businessman, Byron McNeil-Matthews, the owner of Ecosource Solutions. 

Ecosource Solutions operate out of Exeter and install Solar Panels in homes and businesses throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Ecosource Solutions are a local business committed to renewable energies and providing a professional consultancy and installation service, to ensure a clean, green future. 

Byron understood the importance of online marketing and felt GleaveMedia’s excellent reputation and no-nonsense approach to digital marketing, would ensure a successful union. Reflecting upon GleaveMedia and his working relationship with Alistair, Byron, had this to say: 

"Alistair provided clear advice about marketing EcoSource online, which included SEO, Inbound Marketing and Social Media. GleaveMedia supported us throughout and made sure we had the tools but also the training and clear guidelines to successfully market Ecosource Solutions online."

Byron McNeil-Matthews, Owner, Ecosource Solutions, Exeter

GleaveMedia achieves this level of customer satisfaction through the successful implementation of its key service, Inbound Marketing. This ensures a client’s website is easily found by customers, which in turn grows and develops a client’s business. Alistair splits the service GleaveMedia offers, into three key areas; Content, SEO and Social Media Management. Content refers to blogs, online press releases and email marketing. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (remember Alistair will not baffle you with unfamiliar terminologies) is about manipulating the content and coding, which appears on websites, to ensure a greater success rate in search engine results. This means more customers find the website, which generates extra revenue. And finally, GleaveMedia offers a consultancy service with regards to Social Media, enabling clients to use Twitter and Facebook effectively, as marketing tools. 

GleaveMedia are determined to ensure their clients’ businesses develop and succeed in this difficult economic climate. Through GleaveMedia's Inbound Marketing Service, Alistair is confident that he can empower you, to set your company apart from the competition, as a business which understands and utilises the power of the digital market.

So what does GleaveMedia do?

We offer a comprehensive service to clients looking to make dramatic improvements in how they are seen online. It may be that you need a new website or SEO to bring new visitors to your website.

We are a creative bunch and we value your business like it was our own.  By working together with you we can focus all our energies on increasing your visibility online across all the internet be it as specific as Facebook marketing or even SEO we have those skills.

We can build your business a website, and we offer a host of other services.  Online marketing in 2011 is so much more than a few tweets or a blog here and there, we will give you the tools and train your staff to help your business to reach its full potential.

Whatever you want your business to achieve online, then we have the skills and resources to help you exceed those targets.

To find our more how we can help your business grow then get in touch here.