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Pre pay as you go Parts Company with NCS Developers over the Development of its Android App

Press Release   •   Oct 10, 2012 15:05 BST

Pre pay as you go's popular Mobile Phone Deal Search Tool which is available on Google Play is now being further developed and promoted in house. The previous maintainer and promoter NCS Developers have been amicably let go in favour of an in-house developer who will work even closer with the idea's people at Pre pay as you go.

A spokesperson for Pre pay as you go said:

We felt it was time to bring the future development of our app offering in house to enable us to learn more about the processes involved and to continue to offer its users a quality service.

We would like to publicly thank NCS Developers for the work they have done so far on our Android app and wish them all the best for the future.

The Future

Pre pay as you go has a set number of goals where the future development of its current and future apps is concerned, their entire work based philosohpy is based around providing accurate and informative mobile phone technology information to its users, whether that be by product comparison, Handset reviews, social media or mobile applications.

Pre pay as you provides mobile phone technology information in the form of offers, news, articles and reviews written by many of its users and writers from within the mobile sector.