Andi Hyperbarics

Pressure Tech Inc. and Andi Hyperbarics publish the CE Certificate of Conformity and the Test Results for our best in class Portable Hyperbaric Chambers.

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2011 18:51 GMT

CE Certification of a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber is required before a chamber can be sold in the EU. Pressure Tech Inc. submitted their chambers to the rigorous testing program as required and easily met or exceeded the standards required. Visit or click the links to view the Certificate of Conformity & the Test Results. Our chambers have been sold to  Private Families, General Practitioners, Sports Physios, Health Clubs, Plastic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Small Animal Hospitals & more.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the administering of pure oxygen at pressures greater than sea level to a patient in order to improve or correct conditions. By providing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber you are able to deliver 10-15 times more oxygen than if delivered at sea level or at normal atmospheric levels. HBOT can promote the growth of new blood vessels, decrease swelling and inflammation, increase the body’s ability to fight infections, clear out toxins and metabolic waste products, and improve the rate of healing. HBOT is often used to compliment conventional therapies and treatments.