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Price of the Traditional Red Rose Triples in time for Valentine’s Day

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 08:00 GMT

Valentine’s Day is in danger of being an expense everyone can do without. As the price of roses has tripled over the last few weeks is there an alternative to the popular Valentine‘s Day Gift? reports popular discount voucher site VoucherBuddy.co.uk.

Some florists are looking at alternatives to roses as the market price continues to rise due to the cost of producing roses at this time of year. With rising energy and transport costs coupled with a high demand the cost of this popular Valentine’s flower gift has priced many people out of the market. Florists are now looking at generating business by introducing alternative colours such as pink roses or yellow roses to offer their customers value for money.

Some florists are even looking at marketing more exotic types of flowers as a modern twist; more exotic alternatives can often last twice as long reducing the risk of having products that are not fit for sale and passing on more value to the customer.

For those who can’t imagine their special day without this traditional gift Interflora are offering a Valentine's Rose Bouquet for only £29.99 delivered. You can save another 7% off this price by using the special offer Interflora voucher code reducing the cost to £ 27.89.

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