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Prime Triangle drive performance by healthy competition for exclusive travel opportunities  

Press Release   •   Jan 26, 2018 17:01 GMT

Prime Triangle, the outsourced sales and marketing experts, are shaping their company culture, focusing on the development of friendly competition. The firm is running exciting incentives to help their contractor’s performance, skills and drive.

About the firm:

Prime Triangle’s latest business incentive is a trip to New York City for high performers, and the opportunity is the latest in an extensive plan of incentives run by the firm to help motivate the company’s workforce. The trip will pose an opportunity for the contractors to engage in friendly competition, improve their drive and ultimately their production levels.

Managing Director, Jiri Holous states “At Prime Triangle, we are developing a higher standard of performance by developing healthy competition.” While also incentivising the company, the firm is eager to show their professionals that they are keen to reward hard work and ensure they are valued and appreciated as a workforce. The company is strong advocates of creating a company culture built on friendly competition, as such; they have detailed aspects to consider when following their example.

Personal Goals Matter: Although the importance of success is based on a collective, Prime Triangle are urging companies not to forget about the individual. Creating an environment where each individual has the motivation and drive to succeed will ultimately result in the success of the business.

Create Fun: Prime Triangle is eager to ensure that are not only their professionals' dedicated individuals but also individuals with a sense of fun and excitement. All will enjoy creating a friendly competition if they can see the joy within the activity, ultimately helped with an exclusive prize at the end, a score kept throughout and a group of individuals that encourage one another.

Consistent Improvement: The firm recognises that an environment of competition encourages improvement, peer coaching and self-development. A company culture focused on competition not only helps individuals to break records amongst one another but also themselves, ultimately the most significant form of competition.

Prime Triangle are excited for the remainder of 2018 and the further travel incentives they will be running and the direct positive effects this will have on the Prime Triangle family. The company is eager to encourage other businesses, both inclusive of and outside of the sales and marketing sector to create a culture based on friendly competition and positivity. A company environment with this ethos will ultimately result in business success, states Prime Triangle.


Managing Director: Jiri Holous

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