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Prime Triangle focus their business on setting high standards to accelerate productivity

Press Release   •   Jan 23, 2018 16:27 GMT

Newcastle's outsourced sales and marketing firm, Prime Triangle is seeing massive success over the course of the New Year. As such, the company has released a statement on how they are driving productivity through morning meetings focused on high standards and the effect this is having on the firm’s sales figures.

About the firm:

Prime Triangle has focused their recent motivational morning meetings on the subject of high standards and how this can have a direct effect on contractor’s productivity. The firm recognises that high standards are what separates one direct outsourced sales and marketing firm from another, the company values their high levels of professionalism, and how this catapults them above other sales firm within the city. As such, the company has focused their meetings on this subject on ensuring it remains a priority amongst their brand ambassadors, to not only accelerate the success of Prime Triangle but also each individual sales rep.

The firm understands that high standards are essential within a business, particularly within new enterprises, to establish themselves with a positive reputation and presence. Prime Triangle recognise that within a hectic startup environment the company must take the time to define what their high standards are, and how individuals will be accountable to this level. The company detail how a firm must set out clear and attainable practices, behaviours aspects to help solidify their desired standards.

Setting such standards during the initiation of a business can often consume time and effort but remains essential states Prime Triangle. The company detail how prioritising such practices takes high levels of discipline. The importance continues when such standards must be maintained through new business milestones such as recruitment drives, expansions and new clients. The company advise how this can be achieved by leading by example, primarily by those individuals prone to leadership. Leading by example can be done most efficiently through time in the field, group meetings and engagement in day to day runnings of the business.

The final aspect Prime Triangle advise startups to consider when defining and developing their high standards is ensuring through implementation that each individual is held accountable for maintaining such standards. The act of letting such behaviours slip must be unacceptable, and each individual despite their role must practice such high standards each and every day.

Prime Triangle has developed their own set of universally acknowledged and strong standards that precedes their reputation across their city. The firm reinforces the importance of this practice, and is continually developing areas for improvement, and areas for recognition. The company continues to exude high levels of professionalism within the sales and marketing sector.


Managing Director: Jiri Holous

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