PrintDreams launches world's first pocket-size ink jet printer/digital camera

Press Release   •   Jan 08, 2010 22:20 GMT

PrintDreams introduced its PrintBrush™ product concept as far back as 2003. The prototype was initially planned to be the first product to feature the company’s revolutionary RMPTTM Full technology, paving the way to the world’s smallest letter-sized printers.

Generating massive consumer interest worldwide and earning award-winning industry recognition, RMPTTM Full technology has now come of age. Following intensive research & development over the past six years and significant investment, the PrintBrush is finally set to reach the market. Endorsed by Gartner, Inc. which listed PrintDreams as “Cool Vendor 2009”, the company has recently signed several new contracts with major global corporations.

The PrintBrush 4X6 features state-of-the art Ink Jet and Laser Doppler navigation technologies packed into a pocket-size format. Yet despite its diminutive size, it is able to print full size 4” x 6” photos and other content.  Features include a color LCD 1.4” display, a µSD memory card slot, a micro USB interface and a 5M pixel digital camera with auto focus and image processing.  The introductory price tag will be just 99 Euros (US$139).

Random Movement Printing Technology (RMPT) does away with the need for any paper feeding mechanism. Instead, thanks to Philips’ innovative Laser Doppler sensors, users can print directly onto most substrates, from different weights of plain and photo paper to cardboard, fabrics, plaster, wood and more.

To convenience, the PrintBrush 4X6 adds important environmental credentials. Essentially human-powered and software driven, RMPT printers have very few mechanical components and electric motors as compared to conventional printers. It is estimated that the global adoption of RMPT technology in other printer categories could represent an annual saving of 325,000 metric tons of raw materials. Running RMPT printers could also save 291 terawatt/hours of electricity each year.

“PrintBrush will tap right into the heart of the expanding digital imaging market segment,” said Alex Breton, CEO of PrintDreams. “We are more than confident that consumers will love this product. Its introduction is as significant as the advent of the Polaroid camera in its day. Think of it as an ultra-modern, faster digital version with the added freedom and choice of saving and printing out snapshots anywhere you like – not just on photo paper,” added Mr. Breton.

PrintDreams has launched a worldwide Early Bird sales campaign that will last until the end of February: a special allocation of the first 5,000 PrintBrush 4X6 units can be purchased in advance with first deliveries scheduled for May 2010.

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PrintDreams develops, markets and sells innovative technical solutions and products across the printer industry worldwide. PrintDreams is a multiple award-winning company, recently listed as a 'Cool Technology Vendor 2009' by Gartner.

PrintDreams' Random Movement Printing Technology (RMTP) solutions are used to manufacture truly portable printer devices. RMPT benefits include high levels of flexibility that allow users to print almost all formats on most surfaces. Using pioneering thinking, it replaces the hundreds of mechanical parts required in traditional printing with intelligent software. As well as delivering an outstanding finish, it provides customers with a cost-effective, environmentally responsible print solutions.