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QBIS launches app for efficient time reporting

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2012 13:58 BST

QBIS, an award-winning supplier of cloud-based applications developed to simplify and streamline operations now launches a time tracking app developed to easily report hours worked and register time on projects with a smartphone.

Time management is a classic example of a less popular administrative task. Meanwhile, for many companies time reporting is essential. Correct and continuous time reporting provides the basis for significant revenue as well as payroll preparation. Time reporting can often feel untempting for employees. Not anymore.

Simple App for efficient time reporting
QBIS Time app is designed for users to easily report the time and performed work on projects from a smartphone. The app is, just as QBIS web application, designed to be user friendly. There is no learning curve and the most common tasks can be done by anyone.

Mobile Time tracking popular
Report time anywhere you are - at home, in the office or at the customer. The availability makes it easier to track time, it can be done straight away and no hours will then be forgotten. Time sheets can be entered daily, which means that companies can invoice earlier. "The time app has become one of our most popular apps just because it makes time management easier for everyone involved." says Andrew Johnston, product manager for QBIS. "It’s great to see the value the app actually give our customers and how much time and money is saved." Johnston continues.

Time becomes the basis for salaries and billing
Users can register and keep track of the time they worked and how much time is spent on such a project. The app is linked to QBIS time database and automatically syncs the data. When timesheets entered the system, they can quickly and easily processed for both salaries and billing.

QBIS Time app is available for iPhone on the App Store. You need a QBIS account to be able to connect your iPhone to a the company’s time database. Try QBIS and test all functionality for free with a trial version at www.qbissystem.co.uk.

Learn more at www.qbissystem.co.uk

QBIS offers a wide range of smart applications for Time Reporting, Project Management, CRM and Support Management. QBIS is designed to be simple to use yet powerful and feature-rich to meet all needs. Whether your company is large or small, QBIS offers a range of software products that will meet the demands of your business.

QBIS has been on the market for seven years and has established itself as one of the leading systems with focus on efficiency, flexibility and user-friendliness. QBIS is developed by QLogic AB with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden and has since the start had a strong presence on the UK market and was awarded “Best Communication tool” by British Telecom in 2011.