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QQ reveal why NYC is the top place for entrepreneurs

Press Release   •   May 18, 2018 14:13 BST

As an English born entrepreneur, New York-based Business President, Lewis Morton is a strong believer in the importance of expanding horizons through business travel. Here, the QQ figurehead explains, why New York is a great city for budding business owners.

QQ: About the firm

The serial entrepreneur, business consultant and coach, Lewis Morton began his entrepreneurial journey in the UK with his first business in music production. After selling that business, Morton threw himself into the sales and marketing world, gaining practical sales skills while learning about self-motivation, true leadership, business networking and business ownership. Throughout his successes in the UK, Morton always had his sights set bigger. Lewis was drawn to the USA and was particularly interested in New York as he saw it as a great place for expanding his business.

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute found that from 138 countries, the United States is unparalleled when it comes to providing the best environment for cultivating entrepreneurial individuals and opportunities. Regarded as a haven for entrepreneurship, earlier this year New York was voted the second most entrepreneurial American city in 2018. Every month, New York flaunts an astounding 410 new entrepreneurs out of 100,000 adults.

President, Lewis Morton appreciates his journey as a British entrepreneur in America and feels that his passion for travel has helped him expand his business horizons. Morton has before discussed how integral travel plays in the business development of an entrepreneur and he is often found travelling around the globe representing QQ at various networking and speaking events.

QQ operate within a network of global partners meaning they can offer their team the chance to travel and learn from other entrepreneurs from all over the world. The passion that Morton has for travel has been ingrained within the company culture of QQ since the President believes the benefits of travel enhances the team’s ability to create a fantastic experience for consumers when interacting with a brand.

‘New York is buzzing with entrepreneurial activity’ exclaimed Lewis Morton, President of QQ. ‘The city is such an awesome place to be an entrepreneur because it offers many opportunities to find talent, build networks, expand an existing business and try new ventures.New York has such a unique and vibrant energy about it and because the creation of the city originates from the dreams of hardworking people, it’s an inspiring place to be an entrepreneur’ added Mr Morton.



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