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QS1 Award-Winning QS1 Device Provides Encryption for All Voice Calls

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2016 17:15 GMT

San Antonio Based Vysk Debuts QS1 Encryption Device for Apple iPhone 6/6s at Mobile World Congress - Wednesday Feb 24, 2016 in Shanghai Lounge (Section 3)

Award-Winning QS1 Device Provides Encryption for All Voice Calls

On Wednesday, February 24, in the Shanghai Lounge (Section 3) at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, Vysk will debut the next generation QS1 case for iPhone 6/6s.

Members of the press in attendance will be given first access to the QS1 and the event will feature a demonstration of the QS1’s patented encrypted voice calls.

“With its unique and patented combination of hardware and software safeguards, the QS1 for iPhone 6/6s is the next great development in privacy and is guaranteed to disrupt the communications industry,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Vysk, Victor Cocchia. “The QS1 makes privacy intuitive and unobtrusive. Unlike other solutions, the QS1 doesn’t prevent you from downloading your favorite apps and it does not require that you change your habits.”

As redesigned for the iPhone6/6s, Vysk’s flagship QS1 provides a jamming system for all four microphones, a dedicated encryption processor for secure calling, two mechanical camera shutters, and a new design that is both thinner and sleeker than its predecessor. The new QS1 is unique not only in its style, but also its encryption, which takes place at the source, not in the potentially corrupted smartphone, and is made even more secure with the Vysk Privacy Network.

“More and more people in the business, government, and healthcare communities are recognizing the value of our product. Only the QS1 allows users to make endpoint-to-endpoint secure calls while using their preferred phones,” added Cocchia. “Because the QS1 incorporates hardware solutions that encrypt calls before they enter your smartphone, your calls will remain secure even if you have been exposed to malware or other hacks. Third-parties cannot get past the technology of the QS1.”


Vysk is a market leader and manufacturer of private secure communications solutions. Founded in 2012, Vysk's mission is to redefine, and restore, privacy in the digital age. Vysk's combination of encrypted hardware with encrypted software delivers the ultimate in privacy solutions to all markets, from enterprise to retail. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with its R&D and engineering arm in San Francisco, California, Vysk holds more than a dozen patents related to encryption, privacy and security.

Victor Cocchia is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vysk. Victor is an Army veteran and attended Columbia University.


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Website: www.vysk.com


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