Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 14:41 GMT

The renowned Udaipur cricketer, Rajesh Tailor, has announced that he is going to establish a cricket academy for deprived children, in his local village. The top amateur player who is set for cricketing stardom if he continues to play as he has been, feels so passionate about the sport, that he decided he wanted to encourage more youngsters to take up the sport.


Although many children play cricket, there aren’t many facilities to train talented youngsters from poorer backgrounds. Rajesh Tailor believes that everyone should be given a fair chance of reaching their potential and that some great future stars might be overlooked because they simply don’t have the means or the encouragement to take their skills further.


“I have been very fortunate in that my father took a great interest in our cricketing talent when we were younger. We had the money to afford bats and to travel to games. Not all children have these facilities available to them and I want to make sure that no one in my village misses out on the opportunities that I had when I was starting out in the game.”


Rajesh Tailor plans to coach some of the youngsters himself but he hopes to also find other players who will give up a few hours’ of their free time each week to come into the centre and help out. He has set up a charity and his local team, Gopal Green will be organising a number of fundraising events to raise money for the new centre, which is due to open in July this year.

David Linsell