Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 14:42 GMT

Rajnikant Tailor has just been presented with the Young Cricketer of the Year award. This prestigious cup is given to the most promising amateur cricketer in the region, and there is no one who deserves this more than Rajnikant Tailor. This is a big honor for Rajnikant and it is a dream comes true for the young cricketer.


Rajnikant Tailor has certainly done a great deal to earn this recent accolade. Having only joined the team towards the end of last year, he has already had a large part to play in the recent wins that the team has enjoyed. He puts his success down to the determination and desire to be a sportsman. “I was good at running but last year I had to choose between running and cricket. I chose cricket because this has always been my passion, it was my father’s passion too and he would have been so proud to see me playing crickets and winning competitions as well. This is my dream and I am very fortunate to be living my dream.”


At just 19, Rajnikant Tailor has a whole career ahead of him and if this success continues, he is sure to be a well-known name in a few years’ time. For now, he is proudly displaying his Young Cricketer of the Year Medal in his living room at home and putting all his efforts into the next big match. The team practises three times each week but Rajnikant is out every night with his friends, perfecting his skills in the local park. With so many youngsters desperate to make it in the sport, Rajnikant knows he must have the edge to stay on top of his game.



David Linsell