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Rania Noumaan of Blue Branch Reveals the Five Types of People Needed in an Inner Circle

Press release   •   Mar 12, 2018 12:03 GMT

Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan contends that someone’s inner circle has a significant impact on their ability to reach their full potential and the business owner has shared the type of people aspiring professionals need to be surrounded by.

Blue Branch: About the Company.

Since launching Blue Branch in 2014, Ms Noumaan has relied on her inner circle to offer advice and guidance and to help her to view things from a different perspective. “If everyone you surround yourself with has the same opinion then you’ll never learn, grow and develop,” commented Ms Noumaan.

Blue Branch is an event promotions company based in Edinburgh, formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies. The firm specialises in increasing customer acquisition and raising brand awareness through interactive and personalised marketing solutions. Managing Director, Rania Noumaan frequently highlights the importance of a strong and diverse inner circle.Inspired by an article on, Ms Noumaan has spoken out on the five types of people that an aspiring entrepreneur should have in their inner circle.

The Dreamer

Dreamers are great for making people believe that everything is possible. While some dreamers can often be seen as unrealistic, Ms Noumaan argues that dreamers think things that others wouldn’t comprehend and they help someone to imagine the possibilities of “what if?”.

The Driver

The driver is the one that makes the dream a reality. Drivers have the ability to understand the big picture, and they have the expertise to break the dream down into steps. Drivers know how to get things done, and they thrive on the challenge.

The Motivator

A motivator is the glue that holds everything together. The motivator can keep pushing someone to follow through on their goals. They help people to understand that goals need to be linked to a higher purpose to have a better success rate and they do this by infusing people with energy and enthusiasm.

The Supporter

A supporter is the backbone of the group, being there through the ups and downs, celebrating the victories and offering condolences in failure. The supporter provides comfort and support through every stage of the journey, and they are a vital part of the group.

The Devil’s Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate asks a tonne of questions, and they have the ability to see problems before they arise. The Devil’s Advocate won’t sugarcoat anything, they are blunt and to the point and while someone might not like what they have to say, they are the voice of reason and should be listened to.

Ms Noumaan is encouraging entrepreneurs to be persistent with surrounding themselves with people who continually bring out the best in them.



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