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Rawleigh’s Medicated Ointment Reaches Its One Hundredth Anniversary

Press release   •   Feb 15, 2014 20:42 GMT

New York-based Rawleigh Products is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its famous medicated ointment. The ointment was a huge success when it was first launched and remains a popular choice for US households until this day.

The medicated ointment has been a favorite with Rawleigh customers for decades and the product is still hugely popular with customers; the ointment has been described as a “miracle cure” for many ailments.

Rawleigh’s medicated ointment combines a high quality mix of the best natural ingredients including Oil of Eucalyptus for its decongestion qualities, camphor as an antimicrobial and anaesthetic, and menthol for its antibacterial, antiseptic and decongestant properties.

Long-time users of Rawleigh Medicated ointment defend their predilection for it with evangelical enthusiasm. Many can cite chapter and verse of a particular "miracle cure" dating back to childhood. One customer told the store owner, Mr. Platania, that:

“As an asthmatic, I know my mother cured my constant battles with severe coughing and difficulty breathing during winter flu season with that medicated ointment."

Rawleigh’s medicated ointment is a powerful chest decongestant and will also ease sinus congestion and nasal irritation, making it ideal for this time of year when people are often bothered by colds. The ointment is also an effective treatment for burns, cuts, scratches and many other minor injuries.

100 years on from when Rawleigh’s ointment first became available for sale, it is still one of the store’s most popular products and Rawleigh’s looks forward to selling it to generations to come.

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Based in Highland, New York, W.T. Rawleigh was established in the late 1800s and soon earned itself a reputation for selling high quality natural products. More than 100 years on since Rawleigh’s was founded, the company remains one of the most reliable brands in the US. Rawleigh’s still uses the same formula for its products as it did 100 years ago and remains one of the leading distributors for ointments, salves, liniments, spices, extracts and much more.