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Reflect on success urges All-Star Global in New Year’s Statement

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2018 16:05 GMT

This week, sales and marketing firm All-Star Global released a statement on why reflection is the driver of positive change in the New Year, and why it is urging professionals to take an honest look at their performance in 2018.

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At All-Star Global, the firm help a variety of companies increase their brand awareness and customer base throughout the US. Promoting a strong work ethic and boasting a committed team, the firm can help clients maximise their marketing budgets. Combining insight and expertise to deliver long-term results ensures focused performance and guarantees return on investment. All-Star Global understand the importance of reflection in business and how vital the process is in making forward movement in 2018. Taking on board the successes of the year, All-Star Global is proud of their progress and will be building on these solid foundations throughout the year. The firm has identified where their actions have boosted performance and will be implementing new strategies throughout daily processes to replicate success in the present and future projects.

Research has proven that those who factor in a period for reflection, as little as 15 minutes per day, boosted their performance by 23% over ten days. This daily commitment to improving and evaluating successful process will form part of the routine of those involved in the firm. Closely aligning personal goals of contractors within the business will be dominant over the next few weeks to ensure everyone is maximising their potential and boosting engagement levels from the offset.

All-Star Global reveal why all businesses can benefit from incorporating reflection into their business;

Highlights strengths and weaknesses – mainly people feel that reflection is a time to highlight weakness and overlook the opportunity to highlight strengths that can be carried forward into future processes.

Long-term ROI – Many leaders look for fast, rewarding changes, reflection offers a long-term process which provides a future return on invested time. Reflection is an opportunity to invest in the future, and identifying weaknesses can improve processes, open up new opportunities and avoid costly failures.

Taking an opportunity to take the foot off the gas – In business there is a tendency to place urgency on all actions, sometimes taking a moment to assess and analyse processes will open up new ideas and business opportunities that may otherwise have been missed, or worse found by the competition.

All-Star Global are confident they will gain a competitive advantage by developing leaders who understand the importance of reflection in business, the engagement levels are guaranteed to rise therefore boosting motivation and productivity simultaneously.



Managing Director 

Marlon Bellmas