Keltic Clothing releases Reputation Management Handbook: A Guide for Doctors

Press release   •   Dec 31, 2012 16:54 GMT

RepMD released their Reputation Management Handbook: A Guide for Doctors. RepMD helps small businesses and busy professionals towards achieving their goals. They work directly with businesses, as well as boost online reviews and ratings.

With the help of Reputation Management Handbook: A Guide for Doctors, physicians will be properly guided and advised concerning their online reputation management. It is the only guidebook that is written for doctors by doctors. RepMD has had tremendous success in helping their clients end the worry over bad reviews. At the same time, RepMD facilitates real and honest reviews from recent customers to improve their clients’ reputations and enhance the attraction of new or existing businesses in the area. This ultimately leads to increased revenue for their clients.

RepMD is the only doctor-owned reputation management company that provides these innovative and revolutionary services exclusively for doctors. They work with doctors, small businesses and service professionals in helping them improve their online reputation. Due to privacy laws, some professionals, like doctors, are unable to reply back to the false statements that they are receiving online. For this reason, doctors are asking RepMD to act as their own online advocate. RepMD helps doctors through the process of turning their online reputation into a positive aspect, every step of the way.

The Reputation Management Handbook: A Guide for Doctors will be released free to the first 1000 doctors who sign up at RepMD has the ability to monitor a doctor’s rating and evaluate the affected review sites. They also have the ability to counteract and sometimes remove negative and harmful posts about a specific doctor and his or her clinic. RepMD can work with a clinic by collecting and posting positive experiences from actual patients. Moreover, RepMD can help improve a practice's search engine results.

RepMD can help those practitioners who find it hard to gain or maintain clients because of their poor online reputation. RepMD was founded by Michael Woo-Ming, MD a physician with over a decade of online marketing experience, specifically helping medical and dental practices. In his own words: “As the founder of the company, and a doctor myself, I've been in the trenches with doctors. What makes our company unique is that we understand how just one bad review can devastate a practice. We've been providing online marketing to physicians for nearly a decade. Most of our competition tries to tailor their services by guessing what doctors need. It doesn't work. We only focus on what we do best - providing online branding and marketing services to health care professionals.”

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