Small Charity Week

Research from the Small Charity Index shows funding for small charities continues to flat line despite a month on month increase in demand for their services

Press release   •   May 01, 2014 01:00 BST

Small Charity Week is officially launched today as research from the Small Charity Index indicates that funding for small charities continues to flat line, despite a month on month increase in demand for their services.

Information for the Foundation for Social Improvement’s (FSI) Small Charity Index, which was first launched in Small Charity Week 2013 (June), has collected data from a group of over 350 small charities. Feedback from the nine months of data collected shows a continuous increase in the demand placed on small charities to deliver more services to their beneficiary groups. Further feedback also consistently showed one of the greatest challenges small charities face relates to workload issues.

Pauline Broomhead, CEO of the FSI said

“We are delighted to announce Small Charity Week is open for bookings for free support and events at a time when research is showing a very real and deep rooted problem that income to small charities is not growing at the same rate as demand for services.  

To carry on with their programmes small charities need continuing support from government, including the funding of both service delivery and skills development, until the balance between income and funds needed to deliver services equalizes.

Small Charity Week is now in its fifth year and is clearly still needed as a resource to support the UK’s small charity sector. This year’s programme provides a range of events and initiatives including free learning events, fundraising opportunities and competitions and events for small charities to engage with policy makers and influencers.

We are calling on national and local government and businesses across the UK to get behind Small Charity Week to help this year’s event have the greatest impact possible.”

Further details about all aspects of Small Charity Week (16th - 21st June) and how to sign up to events and activities can be found through the website 

For additional information or interview requests please contact – Conchita Garcia 020 7009 3543

The Small Charity Index publishes reports from a database of participating charities which are representative of the small charity sector as a whole by income, cause type, and geographical location. The survey is sent out via email and SMS for small charities to fill in digitally. This allows for quicker feedback and the possibility to turn around data quickly so that the most up-to-date information on the sector is collected.

All Small Charity Week events facilitated by the FSI are free to attend.  Charities pay no fee to the FSI for any part of the week.

Small Charity Week activities are supported by Rathbones, The Westminster Foundation, Goodman Jones LLP and In Kind Direct.

Timings, venues and running orders of each day of the week will be notified separately.  Media places will be available at all FSI Small Charity Week events.  

Small Charity Week is brought to you by the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), who with the support of partner organisations ensure the work of small charities is recognised and celebrated.

The FSI, Charity Number 1123384, supports the UK’s vibrant small charity sector with training, advocacy and support programmes aimed at building sustainability and knowledge-sharing. Charities with an annual turnover under £1.5 million can access free capacity-building services that encompass the full range of fundraising and back-office operations