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‘Reward Yourself for Achieving Goals’ states Kamil Nosal of Lions Direct Limited

Press release   •   Jul 19, 2018 13:47 BST

Rewards can be a great incentive to help people to follow through on their goals claims Kamil Nosal, CEO at Lions Direct Limited. The award-winning entrepreneur is urging aspiring professionals to reward themselves when they achieve small and large goals to maintain motivation and focus.

Lions Direct Limited: About the firm

Used correctly, rewards can be a great incentive to keep people working towards their goals.At Lions Direct Limited they have developed a strong recognition and reward culture, and CEO Kamil Nosal believes that to be one the secrets for them to retain top talent and keep their staff and contractors motivated and inspired.

The Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing specialists held a company-wide workshop recently, where Mr Nosal urged people to reward themselves regularly and explained the key advantages.

1/ Maintain Focus & Motivation

“Rewarding yourself for achieving goals helps to maintain focus motivation," argues Mr Nosal. The Lions Direct Limited owner contends that if people set rewards for achieving goals, it acts as an incentive, and instills a sense of urgency and helps maintain focus and motivation to make it happen.

2/ Good for morale

The simple fact is that when someone rewards themselves, it makes them feel good, therefore boosts morale and helps to follow through on the long-term goals. CEO Kamil Nosal believes that regular, small incentives can have a massive impact on morale.

3/ Self-validation

While Lions Direct Limited is proud of their recognition and reward culture, they believe that it is vital for individuals to reward themselves. Mr Nosal contends that people shouldn’t wait for others to validate their efforts and take the initiative to do it themselves.

3/ Helps work ethic

Mr Nosal firmly believes that recognition and rewards are a huge incentive to instil a strong work ethic, keeping people working hard to achieve their goals. At Lions Direct Limited they have successfully implemented a recognition and reward culture since their inception, and Mr Nosal believes that has been pivotal to their high productivity levels.

During the workshop, Mr Nosal urged the firm’s staff and contractors to reward themselves weekly or monthly for achieving their goals. The business owner is looking forward to seeing the results of the workshop and believes it will help the firm to a record-breaking quarter.

Lions Direct Limited is a Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing firm. They provide clients with the highest standard of customer care, an exceptional customer buying experience, and the most loyal customer base. CEO Kamil Nosal frequently runs motivational and educational workshops and seminars, and he is committed to helping people expand their knowledge and skillset to progress their business development.



Kamil Nosal: CEO

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