73% of British Women Think Facebook and Twitter Have Killed Romance

Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2013 10:45 GMT

Over seven out of 10 women believe that social media websites like Facebook and twitter have practically killed off romance in the UK.

Subtle and thoughtful courtship and poetic love letters are now a thing of the past, and 73% of women blame social media for making their boyfriends more like Dappy from NDubz than Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy.

A further 80% said that British relationships are now much less romantic than they were in the past, according to a survey by the UK's leading online perfume and beauty retailer

One reason cited for the steep decline in romantic behaviour was the use of abbreviated text speak sent by lovers on their smartphones. Messages like: “U R INAM my 6Y G/F + I <3 U 88” were almost universally disliked (98.7%) and seen to be totally unromantic.

(To those not familiar with text language the message says: “You are one-in-a-million, my sexy girlfriend and I love you, hugs and kisses.”)

That said, of the women surveyed who said romance was on the way out, many are clearly still receptive to its charms even if it is just once a year – on Valentine’s Day.

The vast majority (85%) said a hand-written letter or card was their preferred way to receive a Valentine’s message and a weekend away was their favourite treat and the best gift would be a designer fragrance or make-up. In contrast to that, 79% said they would be very unhappy to receive their Valentine’s message by social media, and 14% would be so enraged by a love note on February 14th sent on Facebook that they would dump their boyfriend on the spot. CEO Rakesh Aggarwal said: “Most women are upset that romance is seriously on the decline in the UK and blamed the throw-away nature of social media for its demise.

“But on Valentine’s Day there is still a big demand for romance and bold gestures of love and lavish gifts are still highly regarded – and our survey showed that women took a pretty dim view of a partner if he didn’t make more of an effort for Valentines.”

Over a third of women said they would give their man the cold shoulder for a week if they received a thoughtless or shabby gift. Top of the bad presents list were tacky lingerie, cheap jewellery, and petrol station flowers.

Most women would expect a present costing around £40, but on average would spend £10 less on a gift for their man.

Escentual asked respondents what the best presents and worst presents for Valentine’s were. These were the results:

Best Presents to Give This Valentine’s Day

1. A weekend away

2. High-end perfume and make-up

3. Luxury Flowers

4. Designer shoes/handbag

5. Meal in a restaurant

Worst Presents to Give This Valentine’s Day

1. Tacky lingerie

2. Cheap jewellery

3. Cheap bottle of wine

4. Cheap perfume

5. Petrol station flowers


The findings come in a online poll of 550 women on the website. - the UK's leading Premier Online Beauty Retailer