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RSVP Bespoke Italian Weddings and Events, a new concept of wedding planning

Press release   •   Feb 25, 2014 18:03 GMT

London, 25th February 2014 - RSVP Bespoke Italian Weddings and Events, a London-based wedding and events planning agency, has just launched its website and is introducing a new concept of wedding planning - not only focussed on the arrangement of the wedding day in all its details but also on the organization of an entertainment programme for the couple and their guests.

RSVP is a team of three Italian ladies, Stefania, Francesca and Cristiana who are willing to share their passion and enthusiasm for all that is Italian with their clients.

Thanks to their deep knowledge of their country of origin, its most beautiful places, most original venues, best restaurants, bars, hotels, B&Bs and the countless activities that can be arranged in the Bel Paese, a wedding planned by RSVP will be unique.

The agency is based in London, where Stefania Evans has been living for over a decade. As for the rest of the team, Francesca Pisetzky is based in Utrecht (NL) and Cristiana Rossi lives in Rome. 

RSVP specializes in weddings arranged in exclusive locations, all personally selected and visited in order to guarantee the best experience for their clients.

“"Starting from the assumption our clients are all different from one another, we try to understand more about their lifestyles, their likes and dislikes before suggesting to them any of the services we have to offer. Besides, we are very much focussed on the personal relationship we have with our suppliers, the majority of whom are sourced in Italy, in order to guarantee an original sense of style” says Stefania, one of the founders of the agency. “In addition to providing classic wedding services to their clients who are willing to tying the knot in Italy, we can arrange a personalised program of activities in loco. Getting married becomes not only one of the most important celebrations in your life but also an unforgettable time during which you can enjoy your favourite hobbies or try some new exciting experience. We offer programs that include Italian and regional cookery workshops, yoga and spa retreats, sailing boat excursions, cultural and artistic tours and much much more. The whole event is bespoke, tailored to suit our client”.

On the website you can also find a “Picked by us” section where we periodically propose original wedding packages at competitive rates. 

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