Safewow fifa 16 coins ps4 on sale: PS4 Beta More Fluid Pitch Experience & Corruption Issue Feedback

Press Release   •   Aug 25, 2015 05:04 BST

Due to the random selection, fifa fans that with over 2000 games played might not access to the fifa 16 beta. Now as the beta availability has been lasted for some days, we can get some players' pitch experience and see how fifa 16 will work. Apart from that, EA also mentioned a problem that targets the PS4 edition, the download of the game is at risk of being corrupted due to the console's rest mode feature. is your best fifa 16 ultimate coins seller online! We would like to offer more game news, guide & ideas about fifa 16, and huge fifa 16 coins will be in stock, if you are looking for cheap fifa coins, is your best choice.

Basically, with the FUT Draft and Authentic Package, it is not surprising that Fifa 16 gives a better experience than fifa 15. Besides, gamers can get more fluid and realistic experience on the pitch as the game speed is up to gamers. On the one hand, it allows gamers pushing the ball upfield and get players moved around. On the other hand, gamers can also slow it down and pass the ball around. See what gamers have experienced from the beta:

1. Attacking: Attacking is a bit more fluid, friendly AI movement off the ball is improved.

2. Passing: Ball moves across the pitch much faster when being passed. Some gamers told that fifa 12 and 13 are quite fast and then it turned to be slow and clunky in fifa 15. It is not sure if Fifa 16 is better than fifa 12 or so, but according to gamers, comparing Fifa 15 to the 16 Beta, it's safe to say that Fifa 16 certainly does feel more fluid. Besides, someone said that the ground passes are faster with more power, which is slight but noticeable. Passes aren't perfectly accurate like in 15, but can be slightly off depending on the player. Some gamers might dislike it, but it makes more realistic experience in some degree.

3. Dribbling: The dribbling is improved. The player doesn't always have the ball in front, but dribbles the ball to one side depending on the weak foot strength, or the direction he's running. That makes it a lot smoother than fifa 15, which was a little stiff when it came to dribbling. Isco is amazing in fifa 16, so will you prepare your fifa 16 coins for him?

4. Goalkeeper: It is a bit easy in fifa 15 to run at an angle and score. You can score on a 1on 1 with a cross body shot. In fifa 15 they used to swerve away like crazy. For example, Messi on the left side can hit it with his left foot and not have it swerve all the way to the corner. It won't be the case in fifa 16 as the gk doesn't snatch every corner either, he mostly punches the ball away. Some misses have been seen in the beta.

Corruption issue occurred on PS4 due to console's rest mode

As fifa 16 beta is in full swing, there was some corruption issues occurred on PS4 because it was linked to the always problematic Rest Mode. With the over 15 GB, FIFA 16 beta is certainly a very large file for just a beta and the downloading seems to be causing the problem. Based on the problem, EA Sports has made players aware of avoiding sleep/rest mode when download the file.

FIFA 16 is set to hit the shelves on September 22 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Apart from some minor problems, everything has been great and smooth. Make sure to stock some fifa 16 coins to enjoy the career mode with highlights of new pre-season tournaments, new player training, updated global transfer network, and more…8% discount for fifa 15/16 coins on Safewow will help you save some cost. Enjoy it!

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