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Sales Of Samsung Galaxy Note Continues To Climb Up

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2012 13:49 BST

The Samsung Galaxy Note “the very first hybrid device by Samsung” has surpassed the 7 Million items sold mark says Samsung. This means that it is now an inch closer to their goal of selling at least 10 Million units. This impressive figure was revealed by Samsung after their March 5 announcement where they were able to sell 5 Million units of Samsung Galaxy Note worldwide.

The said figures are quite impressive considering the market’s skepticism about the success of this huge phone and tablet or “phablet”. As early as now, Samsung seems to be doing pretty excellent and they are truly on their way in hitting their 10 Million units sold mark. This is indeed a milestone and that they hope they reach this target by the end of this year (2012).

Samsung also announced amazing figures for their other handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S series. Today, Samsung has sold more than 28 Million of Samsung Galaxy S units worldwide. They were also able to sell over 24 Million of Galaxy S2 units worldwide since the launch of the handset back in 2011. This clearly puts the Samsung Galaxy S series to the 50 Million units sold mark.

These figures is seen to increase due to the latest release of the 3rd generation Samsung Galaxy S (Samsung Galaxy S3), this handset was launched in different regions all over the globe. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also hits the US market recently.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently available in the US under AT & T (4G LTE) network. However, it is recently rumored that this handset will also be available under T-Mobile this month of July. Another rumor suggests that it will also be available under the network Sprint.

There is no doubt that the sales figure of Samsung Galaxy Note will continue to climb up with its release on different US networks.

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