Motivation Genie

Sales Success Masterclass

Press Release   •   Aug 08, 2017 11:18 BST

Win more sales!

Learn the secrets to keep motivated and close more sales with the Motivation Genie.

The Curriculum for training:

In this webinar you will learn:

  • 7th September - How to adopt the success mindset to increase your earnings
  • 14th September Important habits that breed success
  • 21st September How to beat the competition to sales leads
  • 28th September How planning for success GETS success

This webinar is essential learning for business owners and sales professionals. It will show you how generate more sales and earnings by helping you embark on a journey of self-development. With better sales and business skills you will see your business earnings multiply month after month.

BUSINESS STRATEGY - SJ shows will show you how to implement best business strategies, such as how to engage in positive sales conversations, how to achieve sales objectives and how to achieve growth in any business.

  • ANY BUSINESS CAN INCREASE REVENUE - SJ covers a wealth of sectors such as Education, Financial Services, Health Care, Information Services, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Telecommunications and so forth.
  • WIN ANY SALES CALL - SJ offers his audience strategies, tools and techniques that will gain sales against the odds.
  • I run a motivational speaker company/agency who deals with a range of motivational speakers from a variety of different industries.