Samport grows in Denmark and begins partnership with DK Online

Press release   •   Jan 07, 2014 12:09 GMT

Swedish card payment company Samport is expanding its operations in the Danish market. A partnership has now begun with DK Online, Denmark’s biggest payment terminal retailer.

Samport is one of the Nordic region’s biggest payment solution suppliers. The company is now continuing its Nordic expansion, as it grows in Denmark. A partnership with DK Online, Denmark’s biggest payment terminal retailer, was launched at the beginning of this year.

“Samport offers a number of exciting and innovative payment solutions, which we believe are highly relevant to the Danish market and our customers, and which were previously unavailable here in Denmark,” says Bjørn Lund Smidt, CEO of DK Online A/S. “In Samport, we have also found a partner that is interested in close collaboration when it comes to developing the payment solutions of the future. So we are, of course, delighted.”

DK Online hopes to be able to present the first payment solutions from Samport in Denmark in early 2014.

“Our ambition is to become a Nordic player,” says Mikael Hedlöf, VD of Samport. “Our partnership with DK Online puts us in an excellent position for growing in Denmark. With our shared ambitions for the Danish market, the collaboration between Samport and DK Online is extremely exciting.”

For more information, please contact:
Bjørn Lund Smidt

CEO DK Online A/S

Tel.: +45 41 11 23 50

Mikael Hedlöf
CEO of Samport Payment Services AB

Tel.: +46 70 283 76 28. E-post:

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