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Samsung Galaxy devices with Knox get ‘MDFPP Common Criteria Certification’ – gold medal in security

Press Release   •   Feb 27, 2014 19:59 GMT

Samsung Galaxy devices with Knox (Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Galaxy Round, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 Mini, and Galaxy Mega 6.3) get the “MDFPP Common Criteria Certification,” the gold medal when it comes to security.

In a press release, Samsung announced:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Samsung”) announced that the company’s selected Galaxy devices with KNOX embedded have received Common Criteria (CC) certification, as officially documented by Gossamer Labs of Catonsville, MD.   Common Criteria is the international “gold standard” for secure and trusted systems, specifically to ensure that they satisfy the predefined set of security requirements designed for enterprises. Samsung KNOX confers enhanced security upon mobile devices, helping enterprises protect mobile access to high-value information assets.

Common Criteria certification assures that certified devices are independently evaluated and verified to meet fundamental security requirements specified in the Protection Profile.  The current CC certification targets the new Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile (MDFPP) of National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) published in October 2013, which addresses the security requirements of mobile devices for use in enterprise. The components certified in CC form a strong cryptographic foundation on which more advanced KNOX security features are implemented. This certification validates s that enterprises can safely provide their workers access to networks and high-value information assets using CC-certified Galaxy devices with KNOX embedded.

The entire focus of the Knox initiative for Samsung has been on bringing enhanced security to mobile devices. “This endeavor is about more than security, but rather on the noble pursuit of  driving the entire mobile ecosystem to bring the enterprise customer a better high-assurance solution than they have ever had access to,” said Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of KNOX Business, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

“In my twenty-five years doing security evaluations, rarely have I seen a company that could complete an entire Common Criteria evaluation, from the very first meeting to complete, in under four months”,  said Jim Arnold, Director of Gossamer Security Solutions. “At Gossamer we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and Samsung’s speed and agility as a company certainly challenged us.”

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