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Samsung Galaxy Note France – New Samsung-Made ICS Update

Press Release   •   Jul 26, 2012 08:59 BST

When it comes to smartphone amazing stories, you will instantly be reminded of the Samsung Galaxy Note. This may be scrutinized by many because of its 5.3” screen, but then those haters are now lovers of this enormous “Phablet” (Phone and Tablet) device. It may not be for everyone but almost 10 millions units sold will speak for the said device.

This handset may be one of the best-sellers in the smartphone world today, but it’s current OS (Gingerbread) is a huge disappointment for many Android lovers. However, in France Samsung launched the official Ice Cream Sandwich update but then again the whole updating process turned into a huge nightmare.

There is a bug in the firmware and this is caused by people with a factory reset on their handset and updated it with a bricked device. Now they have nothing but an unusable handset, and they blame it on the official Samsung update. Today, there is a big outrage in France and we simply can understand why they are so frustrated and mad.

This must serve as a good example to proceed with extra caution when trying to update your handset to a new firmware. You also have to ensure that the update is secured even if it is from the manufacturer. After this event, Samsung pulled the said update and is now working hard to fix the problem.

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