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Samsung Galaxy S3 And The Great Applications Available

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2012 11:05 BST

There are a multitude of great applications available for modern smartphones that can benefit the user of the phone in lots of different areas. Recently we looked at some of the very best software available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and we continue by highlighting some other super apps available for this popular new device.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy S3 really does is excel is when it comes to mobile gaming. The phone boasts a great 4.8 inch display together with a powerful quad core processor which makes it perfect for handling some of the most demanding games on the market. Recently some high profile games have been released which really push the boundaries of mobile gaming. One such title is NOVA 3, a game that is one of the very best around. This shoot 'em up title blends a multitude of increasingly difficult levels with some awesome graphics that would not look out of place on a dedicated games console. If action games are not your thing then puzzle games are very popular and a good selection is available for this phone. Machinarium is the best example of this sort of game for the S3. The aim of this title is to guide your robot character through a series of puzzles in order to find his girlfriend. Visually this game is stunning and each level is hand drawn which looks great on the large display. Critics also love this title and it has already won various awards, a great testament to how excellent this title is.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a user interface named Touchwiz. This ultimately determines how the users navigates every area of the phone and generally the software is very good. Anybody looking for an alternative user interface would do well to have a look at Go Locker Theme. This UI aims to make single handed navigation on the phone a much easier affair and it works very well indeed. Users can assign gestures to specific actions allowing your most frequently used features to be easily accessed and a range of new shortcuts can be added to the lockscreen, further enhancing the functionality of this excellent device.

Over the coming months we are likely to see numerous new apps that incorporate augmented reality start to appear. At this moment in time Layar is one of the best around. Augmented reality basically means merging graphics with real life objects for a visually stunning effect. Layar is a web browser that makes use of the primary camera on the phone so that information can be overlayed onto locations. Simply point the camera at a local point of interest or venue and the software will throw up a host of information on screen relating to the location. This is a great way of discovering more about your surrounding area.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 benefits from thousands of apps that help with various different tasks on the device. These are just some of the better options that are available to users of the brilliant handset.

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