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Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Making It Superior to iPhone 5S

Press Release   •   Dec 26, 2013 11:58 GMT

Samsung Galaxy S4 was released by the Korean giant in a hope to dominate the Smartphone world while on the other hand iPhone 5S is also one of the hottest gadgets of the Canadian mobile maker. Both these handsets can be described as two swords in one scabbard while having sharp features. Every gadget addict in the world has waited for these Smartphones and there is no doubt that there wait was worthy.

Still it is really difficult to find out that which one is better. If you want to invest your money for a Smartphone, you will always look for a better handset. This is the reason critics have pointed on some features that Galaxy S4 possess while iPhone 5S does not support.

Smart Stay:

It is one of the latest features for the technological world. None of us wants the screen light of their phone to time out or shut off while they are viewing something on their handset. Samsung has provided the solution for this problem through its latest Smart Stay feature, which keeps the display of your phone lit when you are reading something on it. This feature monitors your eye movement using the front facing camera and thus restricts the light out according to your work behaviour. While on the other hand, for iPhone 5S users the light out issue is not a solvable problem.

Group Play:

This latest app is innovative allowing various Galaxy S4 owners to play games, share pictures, stream a video or song and many more on a single platform. For iPhone 5S, Apple has promised such an app. With this phone, you can share contacts and pictures but still it has to go far.

IR Blaster:

This is the latest technology allowing the owners of Smartphones to use their handsets as a television remote control. The Galaxy S4 has been provided with this technology and a special application has also been introduced into the device that fetches data from your cable operator and recommends the popular shows for you.

Near Field Communication:

This technology allows you to connect to other mobile devices, share data by typing, making payments and pairing with the stereo by making a tab and many more. While the Galaxy S4 has NFC technology, the iPhone 5S on the other hand misses it.

Brilliant Camera App:

Using this camera application, you can erase the blurry background which you don’t want in your image and can even create a personalised GIF image. Apple’s iPhone 5S is still running on the old camera basics.

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