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Sandal Socks Voted Top Fathers Day Gift 2013

Press Release   •   Jun 17, 2013 15:43 BST

Over 1300 people voted in an online Father's Day poll run by gifts and gadgets retailer to find the most popular Father's Day gift of 2013.

The resounding winner was a pair of Sandal Socks designed to make it look like the wearer had ventured out wearing the great fashion faux pas of socks with sandals.

The pair of £4.45 Sandal Socks topped the online poll by a 52% majority and was also the top selling product on the Genie Gadgets website during the 2 weeks run up to Fathers Day on June 16th 2013.

Paul Smith, Marketing Director, commented: "The sock sandals are a great little gift that people really seem to have related to over Fathers Day this year, we can only imagine that the youth have today have grown up watching their dad's partaking in such a fashion disaster through the years and are keen to remind them of the fact at every possible occasion."

He continued: "Given the £4.45 price tag and the comedy value fo them it's easy to see why they were by far the top selling gift over Father's Day for us." are dedicated to providing a host of mouth-watering gadgets, gizmos, toys and lifestyle stuff. They hunt them down from all over the world and make sure that they’re up to scratch, and they’ve been in the gadget business since the turn of the century, so they are pretty up to speed on what’s hot and what’s not.