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Save CO2 by Reducing your Water Footprint

Press Release   •   Jun 21, 2013 15:38 BST

How to save carbon by saving water? Well, if you think that by saving one cubic metre of water (1000 litres of water) you are saving 1kg of Carbon (equivalent) then maybe you can start to see the opportunity. A thousand litres of water sounds an awful lot but if we told you that every office worker uses that quantity on average over a period of 20 days the statistics might sound more interesting. Putting it simply take an  office with 10 people in it you would be using up 160kg of Carbon every year.

Now if you could reduce the amount of water your office workers were using by up to 50% you can see how that would also affect your Carbon usage. So please contact us today and fit our Water Saving: Tap, Shower, and Toilet devices. You will be amazed at how simple it is to do and with capital payback periods as low as 4 months you cannot lose.

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