Savex ESL Limited

Savex ESL saves customers 45% - 55% on their lighting bills

Press Release   •   Sep 09, 2010 12:09 BST

Remploy's Birmingham plant at Kitts Green identified a need to replace its existing twin T12 8 foot fluorescent tubes housing mechanical ballasts. Remploy was looking to lower carbon emissions (supporting Remploy's drive to reduce its carbon footprint) without losing the quality of light in the factory. During the process of assessing suitable alternative lighting products it was discovered that re-siting and re-wiring a new lighting system would be very expensive.

Remploy worked closely with Savex and subsequently implemented the Savex Cover Plate sustem which allowed Remploy to use the existing fittings, replacing the twin T12's by two in line twin T5 energy saving tubes with electronic ballasts.

Now fully deployed, the Savex Cover Plate system has energy savings of 55%, improves the existing lighting quality and the payback on the cost of the Cover Plate system is just one year. The Carbon Footprint was reduced by over 15 tonnes!

The Changeover of the 110 units was achieved in less than two weeks with no interruption to production. The Remploy management is highly satisfied with the results and is now looking at extending this further to other plants in the Remploy Group.

Savex ESL was founded in 2005 to address the problem of energy wastage in the commercial and industrial lighting sector. The company offer free site surveys and thereafter calculate savings in both the energy bill and carbon footprint. If the customer wants financial aid from the Carbon Trust and meets criteria the company can arrange an interest free loan to pay for the conversion out of savings. Lighting accounts for 40% of the nations energy bill and rates as the number one area for savings in Carbon Trust statistics. In 2007 the company won the Environmental Trust Innovation Award at the NEC.