Scandinavian plasterboard manufacturer NORGIPS publishes their first BIM objects together with BIMobject®

Press Release   •   Oct 02, 2012 14:30 BST

For more than 45 years Norgips has supplied plasterboards to the Scandinavian market. Norgips has built up substantial experience and extensive know-how when it comes to plasterboard construction and light building techniques. 

This knowledge needs to be made available to architects, designers, engineers and construction companies – in fact any company which creates and develops designs in CAD/BIM systems! To ensure significantly enhanced support for the design and construction phase, and the BIM process, Norgips turned to BIMobject AB to transform their range of products into BIM objects. From today these objects are available for download from the BIMobject® product portal.

For many reasons plasterboards are one of the building materials for now and, increasingly, of the future. And equally, BIMobject is the future for the digital representation of these materials and products. Within their own CAD/BIM software designers are able to get all the information and intelligence to understand quickly the product characteristics and ensure they can create a better design with better constructability.

The BIM objects that Norgips has developed in close cooperation with BIMobject® supports the whole BIM process. These work in early design phase (design intent model) and support both construction documentation, detailed bill of materials and high level 3D detailing (production model).

With significant in-built intelligence the Norgips BIM objects know the constraints and limitations of the internal parts as steel, gypsum and insulation is brought together. The BIM objects offer full flexibility in both 2D and 3D which allow engineers and architects to make smarter decisions that in the end will create a building which will be of higher quality, is easier to maintain and is cheaper to build.

The first full range which is published today, and available for ArchiCAD, is Norgips interior walls with steel studs and a fire rating of A60. The objects are found here:

For us, a 3D drawing is not BIM, it's so much more and BIMobject has made that possible. We have now built a platform which we can develop further and Norgips will be a part of the BIM-world in the future.” Says Johan Arvidsson, Technical Director at Norgips Sweden

- ”The Norgips BIM objects are really state of the art and a real milestone in BIM. I am sure that construction companies will be thrilled over the details and smartness these objects bring to the BIM process” says Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject.

About Norgips:

Norgips have been supplying plasterboards to the Scandinavian market for more than 35 years. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in production and composition of plasterboards, as well as with technical solutions for the building industry. Norgips supplies all the necessary accessories and tools for use in plasterboard constructions and we are always ready to share our know-how. Norgips AS was founded in 1964. The first plasterboard was manufactured in 1965. Since then, the plant has been continuously expanded and updated with new technology, and it appear today as a top of the line manufacturing plant.

BIMobject AB mission is to assist our customers, product manufacturers in the AEC field to be visible and get selected by creating high quality easy accessible objects for the BIM process.

This way generating more business to our customers in a way that can be measured.

We provide software tools, web solutions and services to assist our customers in the creation, conversion and publishing of BIM objects on the web and create a straight path to the users of any BIM software.