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Seasonal stocking fillers from Equivet

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2010 11:51 GMT

If you are looking for Christmas treats for fellow horse-owners or for handy gifts to include in your horse’s stocking, check out the goodies on offer from Equivet Animal Care Products Ltd.


As well as treats for horses, such as Himalayan salt licks, GGs treats, Speed Coat Shine and Aloe Vera Gel, Equivet also offers a range of T-shirts and boxer shorts, which are the perfect stocking-fillers this festive season. The fun clothing items feature the brand’s laughing horse on them and come in white with the familiar Equivet design on the front. In upside down writing the T-shirts say “If you can read this, please put me back on my horse”. T-shirts come in small and medium for ladies, priced at £4.50. The boxers feature the humorous line ‘Size isn’t everything, come in men’s medium and large, and are also priced at £4.50.


A lick a day

Stick a lick in your horse’s stocking, as these are vital for maintaining health levels in all breeds. Himalayan Salt Licks reduce stress from temperature conditions, reduce water bloating, retain a healthy pH balance, and improve respiratory health, bone strength and aid sleep. Designed to be kept in the stable or on a rope on the field gate for ease of access, Equivet’s Himalayan Salt Licks are mined from deposits over 550 million years old and contain over 84 chelated minerals. Your horse will enjoy licking these and will also absorb iron, potassium and magnesium – essential vitamins for his general wellbeing.

(Available in 1kg small RRP £1.99 and 2kg medium RRP £3.80)


Tasty training treats

Training treats are an essential part of any horse’s regime and you can use them during all levels of education to encourage and reward your horse. As an extra Christmas treat, why not give him a pack of GGs from Equivet. Thanks to the chewing motion they promote, they keep teeth and gums healthy. Simply give him 6-10 treats a day and be happy to know that you are helping to keep him healthy. And you will love the bright pink packaging and fun cartoon horse character on the front of the pack.


Alternatively, wrap up a bag of Equivet Equi-Treats, designed to keep your horse’s teeth and gums in prime condition. The black, streamlined packaging reflects the professional benefits of these treats making them the perfect product for adult riders.

(GG’s are available in 150g bags RRP £1.25.  Equi-Treats are available in 400g bags RRP £2.95)


The need for Speed

To keep his coat gleaming and shiny over the festive period, it’s worth stocking up on Equivet Speed, Coat Shine, Shampoo and D-Tangle.


Speed Coat Shine gives your horse a smooth and shining coat from the first application. The effective, natural components act as a dust and dirt repellent for several days and help keep the coat gleaming.  100% natural Speed Shampoo ensures a high level of tolerance even among animals with sensitive skin. The lipid-regulating effect produces a smooth and silky coat as well as deep and thorough clean. Speed D-Tangle is a real time saver for grooming as it keeps your horse’s mane and tail silky smooth for up to 14 days. Spray the product through the mane and tail during grooming for optimum results.

(Speed Coat Shine, 500ml, RRP £8.50, Speed Shampoo, 500ml, RRP £5.50, Speed D-Tangle, 250ml, RRP £10.50)


Seasonal soothing

Aloe Vera is renowned for its soothing properties and Equivet offers two great products  containing this wonder ingredient. Aloe Vera drinking gel, with its numerous health benefits, can be used to help to support the immune system or skin problems and promotes general good horse health. The Aloe Vera Gelly is an essential part of any equine first aid kit. This can be used for all minor cuts and grazes and is also an excellent soothing product for burns. Both products are made from 100% inner leaf gel. Pop them in his stocking this Christmas to keep him in tip-top shape.

(Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, 1 litre, RRP £14.50, Aloe Vera Gelly, 120g tub, RRP £7.50)


These super stocking fillers and the full Equivet range are available now to buy online at www.equivetanimalcare.com or order over the phone: freephone 0808 108 4995. The products are also available through equestrian retailers, tack shops, pet shops, or you can order from your local distributor, who will deliver your order direct. For more information contact Celia Gadd, Equivet Brand Manager on or email info@equivetanimalcare.com