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Security Features Excel On The Samsung Galaxy S2

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 19:36 GMT

The smartphone market is increasingly competitive with every manufacturer attempting to add more features on to their handsets in order to increase their sales and ultimately make their phone stand out amongst the competition. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a device that appeals thanks to some excellent features which include the brilliant Samsung Dive facility. Here we take a look at this feature in a little more detail.

Rather than being a feature you actually use on the phone Dive is a facility that will be of great benefit should you lose or misplace your handset. Several models in the Galaxy range support this new feature with the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab joining the S2 in offering this function. There are some really useful options offered by this service but the main one is the ability to trace your phone if you do lose it. You can access the Dive facility via a laptop or PC and a map will appear showing you the current location of your device. You also have the option to track the phone for the a period of 12 hours which keeps a log on the geographical location every fifteen minutes. Quite often handsets are misplaced rather than lost or stolen and the Dive service enables you to make the S2 ring very loudly even if the phone is set to silent mode. This is perfect if the phone has fallen down the back of a sofa or left in a jacket in the wardrobe.

If performing all of the features mentioned above does not manage to help you find your Samsung Galaxy S2then Dive takes things a step further by enabling you to remotely lock the handset. This function effectively makes the phone useless to anybody else who is attempting to use it. There is also the option to display a message on the front of your phone which can display up to 100 characters. Part of this message can include a phone number and this number will be the only one that the handset is capable of dialling. If all of the above actions fail to locate your phone then the excellent Dive services gives you the option of remotely wiping your handset. This really is a last resort as once this action is performed you will no longer be able to track your phone or use other services offered by this feature. If you are lucky enough to be reunited with your phone at some point in the future after you have remotely wiped it contents you will be able to reinstall the feature along with any other programs you desire.

It is pleasing to see that Samsung have offered great security features on the Galaxy S2. With theft of mobile phones on the increase it is reassuring to know that you can keep your data safe if you are unlucky enough to become a victim of such a crime.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Blackberry Bold 9900 are available now.

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