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Seiko Premier Chronograph SNAF29P1 SNAF29P SNAF29 Men’s Watch

Press Release   •   Aug 12, 2015 06:52 BST

Seiko Premier Chronograph SNAF29P1 SNAF29P SNAF29 Men’s WatchThere’s no other watchmaker than Seiko who specialise in so many types of watch technologies. Every category of watch from Seiko bears the signature of excellence and intelligence and is highly congenial when it comes to the pleasure of its wearer. Seiko holds the credit (or stigma, for it marked the Doomsday for mechanical watches for a decade or so) of inventing the quartz movement and though, one cannot probably deny its importance as a turning point in the history of watch making.

Yet another turning point is its inclination towards mixing forms; this time, with the Seiko Premier Chronograph SNAF29P1 SNAF29P SNAF29 Men’s Watch, it puts a new, impressive twist by bringing sports functionality within a formal –or should we rather say, dressy - deportment. This part of the Seiko Premier collection saw some revamped ideas take shape; the result was a smooth blend of gracefulness to robust features and functionalities, bringing forth an excellent and exceptional elegance without cutting down the wildness at the heart. In every sense, it is a piece that embraces the heart’s desire without sacrificing even this bit of sportiness. This is one singular point that makes this particular model worthy of attention.

To the lovers of dressy mechanicals, the Seiko Premier Chronograph Watch interiors might be a downer; but then again, we all have individual reasons and choices for movements and possibly can’t impose one’s preferences over the other. Therefore, quartz-followers who so far, stayed away from dressy pieces just because they don’t come with the convenience of quartz, shall get rid of the bone of contention and finally add that missing piece to their collection! The small seconds-hand of the chrono-quartz is actually a Godsend feature and do not get noticed as readily as a central seconds-hand jumping the seconds and marring the show; in short, it comes as much less irritating. Even the main chronograph hand makes smaller and smoother jumps with its increments and that’s also another problem-eliminating factor.

However, the crown is not a screw-down variety, which is absolutely justified because you are not going to wear it while at some water sport other than boating or yachting. It’s meant for the white gallery of racetracks for which, it is finely designed and tastefully proportioned. But anyway, there’s a 100m water resistance, lest you can’t resist jumping into the pool after a few glasses of wine or get caught in the rain while the open air party is on full tilt.

There’s nothing much to talk about the rest of the watch; for a Seiko Premier, it’s both ignorance and impertinence showing their ugly faces. Just know it’s far, far nicer than what one might expect from other brands for this price. A classical styling with a stellar grade of refinement – that sums up everything for the Seiko Premier Kinetic Watch!

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