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Selecting the right homebuilding BIM partner

Press release   •   Apr 12, 2016 12:23 BST

To produce effective results and ease the workload of homebuilders it is important that a dependable, well-equipped partner company is sourced. Trained professionals from this company will have knowledge of Revit or ArchiCAD residential drafting projects and will produce construction drawing (CD) sets using such software.

There are ten key points to recognise when selecting a reliable partner:

  1. Homebuilding Design Experience of the Local Market: It is important that local specifications are adhered to when creating design drawings as standards and codes for home construction will vary in different regions of the world. Home designers should always seek a partner company with experience in the local market.
  2. Software Used in Design Projects: When designing projects, partner companies should use efficient software such as Revit and ArchiCAD. Experience of such software is vital, as clashes can be detected and accurate construction drawings produced.
  3. Understanding the Company’s Quality Control Process: Quality control processes must be in place to maintain accuracy. A good partner company will have a quality assurance culture and independent quality checks. They would also remove the need for rework by possessing a team of experienced professionals to conduct quality checks.
  4. Portfolio of the Company: An ideal partner choice would be a company that has worked with many clients in the local market. A portfolio of the company means homebuilders can evaluate the partner’s credibility and be comfortable with their hiring decision.
  5. Knowledge of Relevant Homebuilding Standards and Codes: An ideal partner company should possess good knowledge of the appropriate homebuilding standards and codes and be able to comply with these regulations. The homebuilder should be aware of this before deciding on a partner.
  6. Efficiency of Information Exchange: All teams involved in the homebuilding design project must be sure to communicate effectively throughout the process. This is vital in keeping all parties up-to-date on the project’s progress and maintains efficiency.
  7. The Company’s Length of Operation: Consultants should always reflect on the reliability of a partner company before making their decision. Reliable companies are those that have years of experience working for prestigious clients.
  8. Relevant Accreditation: Another factor in determining a homebuilding design partner’s reliability is if they possess a Graphisoft or Autodesk accreditation or ISO certification. Such accreditations display industry recognition by a leading software vendor.
  9. Understanding the expertise of the personnel: Teams of CAD professionals who have the relevant ArchiCAD and Revit experience can deliver high quality work to clients by producing accurate construction drawings. Homebuilders can determine whether the required results can be produced by liaising with key members of this team.
  10. Reviewing Sample Construction Drawings: To better understand their partner company’s skills, homebuilders and designers should review construction drawing sets that have been created using ArchiCAD or Revit.

Though not essential, the importance of a visit to the partner company’s production facility, meeting key personnel involved in Revit or ArchiCAD 3D Modelling and residential drafting projects cannot be highlighted enough.

Together, these recommendations will assist homebuilders in their search to find the appropriate partner. Considering the amount of time that will be spent on developing relationships, training and the transfer of knowledge, this is a small price to pay and will be advantageous for homebuilders.

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