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SEO Kent provides Internet business for local companies

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 11:54 BST

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), September 21 2010 - How indeed. According to Justin, the answer to successful online marketing Kent lies in proper search engine optimisation another thing that everyone thinks they know a lot about. In reality, SEO Kent strategies are as much of a closed book to the majority of small or medium sized businesses as is the Internet as a whole. Everyone, says Justin, knows what SEO means: what they don’t know is how to do it. That’s where JB Creative Marketing steps into the picture.

“The problem,” said Justin, “is that everyone thinks that being on the Internet is enough to generate business. What they’ve forgotten is that they still need to advertise their presence if customers are going to find them. And how do customers find anyone in a place that big?”

“We do a lot of research into what search engines are actually doing – what they look for in a site, and how they match a search someone does to a particular product,” says Justin. “Our online marketing Kent strategy is all about finding ways to make the search engines realise that our client’s sites are selling the things their users need.”

“You just have to know where to look,” says Justin. “Our creative marketing Kent team is constantly tracking the progress of key words for our clients, which means we are able to keep them right up there in the top slots on the search engine rankings.”

Easy enough to say – but what does it all mean? Simply speaking, SEO Kent involves researching “competitive” search terms, which are phrases or words that Internet users are keying in to the major search engines. A competitive search term is one that lots of people look for, but not many sites include in their text: and they’re easier to find than one might think.

It’s not just key words, apparently: another important tool in the online marketing Kent drive is “links”. Links, broadly speaking, are references to a company’s site in other locations on the Internet – social media sites, blogs, or straight up referrals. Researching and generating quality links allow a site to stay strong in the search ranks because the major engines see every link as an online “vote” for that site. So if a search query contains some of the key words or phrases JB Creative Marketing has researched for its client, and the search engine spots other places on the net that have links to that site, then it gets a high ranking and consequently a good traffic of real customers.

The proof, as always, is in the eating. And most of JB’s clients are getting pretty fat. Creative marketing is clearly something to reckon with.

About JB Creative Marketing

JB Creative Marketing delivers marketing solutions for companies needing to utilize its online potential. Catering for all sizes of business, JB Creative Marketing also provides services that include taking organizations from their current business model and implementing that online to advisory roles on campaign’s and streamlining of marketing budgets.

JB Creative Marketing is geographically placed to help service the businesses in and around London, with all clients currently UK based.

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