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Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) (National): Sentencing for men who swapped airbags for drugs bags

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 10:12 GMT

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Two men are to be sentenced for supplying cocaine to areas throughout England.

Dritan and Olger Bullari were part of a distribution gang which obtained high-purity 1kg blocks of cocaine and cut them heavily with Lidocaine, before selling them on in smaller packages to dealers in London, the Home Counties, Nottingham and Brighton.

The men used a number of cars modified to store and transport the drugs. By removing the passenger airbag and adapting the cover with a remotely-activated locking system, the gang effectively created hidden safes capable of holding 4-5kg of drugs in each of the vehicles.

A designated 'stash' car would be parked in a leafy area of Enfield, North London, and visited by the men on a regular basis so that drugs could be transferred to other vehicles and supplied to customers.

Following an investigation carried out by SOCA and the Metropolitan Police, the Bullaris were arrested in September 2010. They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine on 5 January 2011 and will be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday 8 February.

SOCA's Chris Farrimond said:

"These individuals believed they were operating under the radar of law enforcement and took great care not to draw attention to themselves. 

"They replaced what should have been an important vehicle safety feature with a special compartment for storing Class A drugs, demonstrating the efforts to adapt and innovate constantly being made by serious organised criminals. SOCA and our partners intend to stay one step ahead."

Detective Inspector Mark Rochester, Enfield Borough, Metropolitan Police, said:

"These men believed they could conduct their drugs operation without the fear of detection, using Enfield as a base for their criminal activities. 

"They thought that by storing their drugs in modified cars they would not be caught, but this case demonstrates that we along with our partners will use every technique at our disposal to bring to justice those who blight our communities.

"By working together we have successfully dismantled and disrupted a criminal network."

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Notes to editors

Dritan Bullari, DOB 17/02/1974, Somercoates Close, Barnet, Herts.

Olger Bullari, DOB 21/02/1975, Banting Drive, London


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