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Shoppers to Get Free BT Wi-fi at Fenwick department Stores

Press release   •   May 01, 2013 00:00 BST

BT today signed an agreement with Fenwick Ltd giving shoppers free, unlimited wi-fi at its 11 UK premier department stores. Some 64 million annual store visitors will now be able to use the internet while browsing.* 

The new BT Wi-fi service will be available at no charge throughout the stores including cafes and fitting rooms. It will allow shoppers to read product reviews online, share potential purchases on social networks, check email or catch up on news and sports. 

Fenwick, founded in Newcastle in 1882, is the largest independent department store group in the UK with stores in London’s New Bond Street and Brent Cross, Newcastle, Leicester, Windsor, York, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Bentalls, Kingston upon Thames and Bracknell and Williams & Griffin in Colchester. 

The new wi-fi service will be available from May 2013. Shoppers simply enter their email address to log on via any wireless-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC. 
Mark Fenwick, Chairman, Fenwick Ltd said: “This partnership with BT is an important step in our on-going commitment to provide greater customer service.” 

Andy Baker, CEO, BT Wi-fi, said: “BT research** shows that 44% of shoppers now use their smartphone or tablet while on the move to read product reviews. BT Wi-fi is a key enabler of that and we are delighted to be working with Fenwick to marry a traditional shopping trip with digital channels, such as search and social networks, to improve the shopper experience.” 

Fenwick Department Stores are just the latest in a series of major public partners to offer free BT Wi-fi. Recently, BT announced GAME, the UK’s leading videogames retailer, would provide free wi-fi access to its 341 UK stores, creating a new environment for gamers to interact and discover new titles. 

BT has the largest wi-fi network in the UK, with more than 4.5 million hotspots. All BT Wi-fi hotspots are free to more than six million BT broadband home and business customers. BT Wi-fi hotspots are in homes, independent businesses, city centres plus well-known brands including Starbucks, Heineken, Welcome Break and Roadchef service stations, Network Rail and many Burger King restaurants. 

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* Fenwicks customer footfall is 64m per year 
**BT Wi-fi shopping survey, ICM research March 2013