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Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch| Attractiveness still owes greatly to clean looks

Press Release   •   Nov 15, 2016 11:13 GMT

Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s WatchThe Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch brings you a chance to be adorned further with special refinements in balanced gray and reinforcements that grants it extra doses of toughness and robustness.

Whether or not you have owned a Skagen watch before, the Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch shall amaze you equally. The ubiquity of the brand gives some hints about its products; the rest depends upon getting your hands on the Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch.

Ask any watch lover and they will tell you that Skagen is one of the most well known brands out there. So this super thin watch, standing at 8mm, doesn’t at all come as a surprise; this is what Skagen is originally meant to be!

There has to be a – actually several - good reason for that. Else, even the people who can't be even considered to be watch lovers, how come are familiar with the name Skagen? That makes the Danish watch maker fall into the mainstream watch category; a more fashionable wear alluring even to the experts on the topic. That’s sheerly due the excellent value, the nice built and the honest portrayal; the Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch doesn’t claim to be what it is not! The Skagen Quartz Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch is one of the very basic models; nice looking and not at all flashy in the real sense of it. It’s attractive and that kind of suffices for everything.

Skagen’s Steel Collection signifies the next step to the brand’s entry level watches. As its first indication, it has a very thin profile and a handsome-looking, mesh steel bracelet. The thin bezel makes the watch face look very large despite it actually being below-oversized. It brings to the eyes a lot of grazing space and it’s one of the strong points of the watch. This is the sole reason behind the big, two window date feature sitting so well and that definitely marks the Skagen Freja Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s watch different from the rest within the price category.

The internal Japanese quartz movement takes up a reasonable amount of space, making the case taper out to a smaller size diameter down underneath. The steel is nicely crafted, the lug design interesting, making the case just flow into it and bringing the watch a more quality look.

On the top, it’s a hardened mineral crystal, slightly but impressively domed to bring the lavish look. Flat would ruin it completely.

The fit is very comfortable, to say the least; which is essential, for you’ll like to wear it with every piece of clothing that you may have.

Overall, the Danish minimalist design and attitude play out well in this sophisticated unit and makes it easy to live with. In a world of rugged-looking and multifunctional watches, the Skagen Holst Steel Collection 531XLSXM Men’s Watch is a breath of fresh air beyond any doubt!

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