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Press Release   •   Jan 31, 2018 11:18 GMT

Smarktivity is the Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm that are going from strength to strength. The company has seen extensive success during the past month and is set to continue their  record-breaking habits throughout 2018.

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The firm has made a  staggering 300 sales within the first week with a new client, and their latest figures show an impressive 2406 sales in a week across the entire company. The considerable improvement is a credit to the development of the professionals with the firm, and the focus and importance put into their entrepreneurial journeys. Managing Director, Matt Wassall puts these consistently high figures down to the excitement and dedication of the Smarktivity tribe. As such, the firm has detailed the importance of generating excitement and momentum within a workforce.

Define a plan: Research shows that a sense of confidence before an event or time in the field can be generated through a ritual, something as small as a group meeting, or mental performance activity. Creating a sports-type plan before time in the field can help a professional go into an encounter with a potential customer with excitement, confidence and knowledge states Smarktivity.

Positive Mindset: The practice of a positive mindset is a common aspect adopted by many hugely successful entrepreneurs. Smarktivity is advising their young professionals to visualise a moment throughout their careers where they truly excelled, closed a big deal or made progress in their self-development. Envisioning a positive moment can generate momentum, making the individual motivated to achieve this state of eutopia once more.

Reframe an experience: Smarktivity explore the concept of reframing a situation with a positive filter, should an individual feel nervous or apprehensive, the firm are encouraging the individual to remould this as excitement; to look to the event as an opportunity. By training the mind to rethink a situation, look toward it with an alternative lens is the secret to success.

Smarktivity has an active business development programme in place for their young professionals, and they are eager to shape their aspiring entrepreneurs as the future leaders of the industry. The firm actively encourages a family environment that motivates, excites and redefines the industry. Smarktivity is hopeful they will continue to set records for their clients, and amongst the Smarktivity tribe to solidly their role as Birmingham’s premier outsourced sales and marketing firm.



Managing Director

Matt Wassall