Into Mobile Phones


Press release   •   Mar 01, 2012 14:34 GMT

The things you can do on mobile phones now are incredible and they really are packed with some of the most incredible features you can imagine, but these are not called mobiles, this is the age of the Smartphone. 

In time the mobile has advanced from that large, bulky phone that you can take and make calls and messages on at the most, to the PDA where you can set reminders for events, connect to your emails and very little more, to the mobiles that are currently on the market, where you can get on the internet, take photos, make video calls, play games, cram them full with apps and so much more. 

The age of the mobile has evolved into the Smartphones over a period of time and the Smartphone is still sometimes confused. A Smartphone is generally classified as a mobile with the ability to access the internet, use and download Apps onto and with a running Operating System. A Smartphone will be based on a Operating System which gives it the ability to run applications. The most common Operating Systems out currently are Android, Blackberry and the relatively new Windows. Each offering something a little different but all based on the same sort of functionality.

The Smartphone is designed to do what your computer does, just with a smaller, more compact design and for on the move. With technology growing by the day the Smartphone will soon offer things people did not even think possible.