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Social Media In Nigeria Election

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2011 14:57 GMT

Stockholm College and Net Educational Advancement Initiative in partnership with the Coalition for Youth Policy Implementation in Africa, CYPIA.  Starts Social Media Course implementing twitter, face book and ICT using mobiles.

The Social Media is designed for 20 youths from Nigeria to support leadership skills. Social media uses as young digital generations tools   twitter, Face Book and other online communities for improving participation.

Stockholm College has embedded social media in all regular educations. IT has always the same goals targeting visibility and sharing awareness.

CYPIA Stockholm College and Net Educational Advancement Initiative are making an effort for new capacity building among the youths in Nigeria. Social media course is introduced among the youths to sensitize them and teach them how important media is and empower them with a better understanding of the use of ICT to foster democracy, free and fair election and is a Test Case for April National-Elections.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with about 70 percent of youths in a country of approximately 150 million people. Youths are seen to be the leaders of tomorrow. therefore their role is very important in sustainable development leadership and democracy. Because of the high level of corruption experienced in Nigerian elections, young people are gearing up to use Social Media to foster transparency and mobilize youth participation in April election.  It will create room for participation of young people and enhance free and fair election.

Nigeria is said to have overtaken South Africa as the most populous country in Africa in the use of mobile gargets. Nigeria is estimated to have the highest online audience in the whole of Africa. Therefore, Social Media is seen as a tool that can work very well especially towards young people’s inclusion in the fort coming election.

Lilian  Chibiko | Skype ekene74

Abiola Hamid

CYPIA Secretariat
Abuja, Nigeria

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