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Social Networking On The Feature Packed Apple iPhone 4S

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2012 15:18 GMT

The popular Apple iPhone 4S is an ideal smartphone for social networking fans. In this article I will look at some of the social networking features of the device.


Social networking is a phenomenally popular way of staying connected with friends and family all around the world. Facebook is not only the most popular social networking site in the world, but the most popular website overall. With some 750 million users worldwide, its rise to popularity has been phenomenal. Facebook has a dedicated iPhone app, which allows users to carry out many of the tasks that you can on a computer, but in a smartphone optimised interface, used by operating the touchscreen. You can view the newsfeed; where all the updates and posts from all your Facebook friends will be posted in chronological order. From here, you can follow links to posted websites, like and comment on posts. You can also view your own profile page, where all your activity will be displayed. The app also has shortcuts which allow you to get an overview of all recent notifications, as well as your message inbox and friend requests.


Because of the deep app integration, several other parts of the phone can work in conjunction with the Facebook app. For example, the GPS functionality of the iPhone 4S means that you can ‘check in’ to your current location and ‘tag’ any Facebook friends who are with you. Also, the camera can be used alongside the Facebook app. When you have taken a photo or captured some video footage that you would like to share on Facebook, you can instantly upload it to the site.


Twitter is another popular social networking site. Like Facebook, it now has millions of users around the world. There is also an iPhone optimised Twitter app available for download from the AppStore. This allows you to post new tweets, retweet posts made by others, and view all posts from those you are following on a single interface.


Of course, there are many more social networking services out there, but none come close to the popularity of the Facebook and Twitter apps. Sites like MySpace, Skype, LinkedIn and Windows Live all have dedicated smartphone apps, so you can carry out your social networking right on your iPhone 4S.


The popularity of social networking shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, so we can expect apps to constantly improve in functionality.


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